Preparation for the companys anniversary

September 29, 2014

Preparation for the companys anniversary. #1

Preparation for anniversary activities has started at IVECO-AMT LLC. This year on the 5 December the joint venture celebrates its 20th birthday.

Several important activities are coincided with this event. Among them is ceremonial starting of a new production shop the assembly and cabs painting shop with a new line of cataphoresis priming.

Limited edition of IVECO-AMT 633910 (66) "LIMITED EDITION" tractor units. In terms of this edition it is planned to produce 20 tractors with special options, for purchasing of which special prices are established. Ceremonial handover of these tractors to customers will take place on 5 December.

In terms of the celebration it is also planned to conduct special promotion campaigns, competitions among customers. Promotional conditions will be informed additionally.

To commemorate the anniversary merchandise with anniversary brand marks will be issued.

The history of establishment and development of the joint venture you can see on this website in section About the company/Basic dates.


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