IVECO-URALAZ Ltd. is renamed to IVECO-һ Ltd.

April 21, 2009

IVECO-URALAZ Ltd. is renamed to IVECO-һ Ltd.. #1

We are informing you that IVECO-URALAZ Ltd. is renamed to IVECO-һ Ltd. according to decision of General Meeting of Participants. New name is officially registered and came into force since 16 April 2009.

Enterprise renaming is a planned phase of re-branding of our company. We started that after owners change and even last year removed vehicle name Ural-Iveco to begin producing under the new brand of IVECO-AMT. This name was approved by our Italian partners as the best representing modern activity of Joint-Venture. AMT abbreviation is an interpretation of Automobile/Miass/Torino. This way we showed our product with the place of its production and our inextricable link with IVECO S.p.A. based in Torino.

I want to notice the new name affirmation using name of IVECO is a long-expected and very important for us. We look at this like an official acceptance by IVECO of our management engineering and product level as fit to international company standards.

Also I think it is an important thing made at General Meeting of Participants new board of directors election. Since now the plant management will be realizing by IVECO-AMT management and representatives of IVECO S.p.A. Alfredo DErrico (Director General of IVECO Russia Ltd.) was elected as Chairman of the board.

Mr. DErrico knows well all the aspects of our enterprise establishment and activity. After assignment he made a commentary: I can say it definitely the problem of heavy truck production on any other factories in Russia is now closed for IVECO. We are intending to reinforce our Russian market presence at the expense of the local production development for all heavy range vehicles. Enterprise in Miass is the most completely fitting our demands.

Actually, it means our company is entering the qualitatively new stage of development where the leading role will belong to IVECO. Undoubtedly, we are grateful for the rendered confidence but at the same time we realize the high level of responsibility in the assigned to us tasks realization.

At present we are not intending to make a global changes in organizational and technical plan. Re-branding will not entail any changes in the structure and personnel. But we are pointed to take an active market position and IVECO-AMT has all the necessary resources.

In the technical politics IVECO-AMT Ltd. will continue to follow the chosen course to produce the special trucks for different technologies: oil-and-gas, timber, building and others. Though our vehicles are so much integrated to these technologies that in medias res they are becoming of its the most important components. IVECO-AMT Ltd. can offer a product that competitors cannot. We make vehicles with customer together with consideration of his specific needs be it large international company or private individual.

Special attention we will pay to the quality for execution of every order and also for improving of the producing vehicles. We talk about maximal adaptation IVECO TRAKKER vehicle to Russian operation conditions. Our vehicles successfully work at the most severe country regions as Yamal, Chukchi Peninsula, Kamchatka.

In an economic crisis conditions it is hard to speak about development. Undoubtedly, we have corrected our production plans of this year though we are keeping uninterrupted operating regime of the factory. Keeping on to build the new engineering building which will allow to produce up to 3200 vehicles in a year single-shiftly.

I notice that juridical renaming of the enterprise is accompanied with new corporate identity appearance designed by basic IVECO corporate stylistics. Producing vehicles are already being marking by the new IVECO-AMT logo. New design will be used in all external and internal designation.

Sure that IVECO-AMT Ltd. will suitably keep traditions accumulated over 15-year history of IVECO-URALAZ Ltd. and owing to an active technical support by IVECO concern it will stay as Russian manufacturer producing modern truck of European class.

Vladimir Novik, Director General

and staff of IVECO-AMT Ltd.


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