Russian-Italian Joint Venture «IVECO-» Ltd. (before 17.04.09 known as «Iveco-Uralaz») manufactures heavy-duty trucks under «Iveco» concern license adapted for operation in Russian conditions.



The company was found in 1994. Originally the assembly of «Magirus» bonneted trucks was developed here which as years went by, evolved in the up-to-date production of special-purpose versions of «Iveco Trakker» trucks.

In 1998 Vladimir Novik was appointed a director of the JV. At the same time the company set a course for development of technologies allowing to manufacture vehicles in full conformity with the customers requirements.

By the decision of General Participants meeting of 07.04.09 due to change of ownerships «Iveco-Uralaz» Ltd. was given a new name «IVECO-» Ltd.

The name was registered in the Uniform State Register of legal entities and came into force on 16.04.09.

The abbreviation «» means «Automobile/Miass/Torino», the name contains the product manufactured, the place of its manufacture and indissoluble bonds with «Iveco» company the headquarters of which is located in Turin.

Nowadays IVECO-AMT Ltd. is one of up-to-date companies in the Russian automotive industry with well-developed production infrastructure.


The peculiarity of activity consists in manufacture of trucks from the parts centrally delivered from «Iveco» European plants (from Italy, Germany, France, Spain). This assures their high quality and what really matters, allows to create vehicles promptly according to individual orders.

At «IVECO-AMT» Ltd. the trucks are created together with the customers taking into account their specific needs, be it big international companies or individual persons.

Considering the said peculiarity of products, a well-defined planning and production structure was set up at the company. Before the order has been put into production, the complete set of truck is stipulated individually with each buyer taking into account its specific operation.

Production complex of IVECO-AMT Ltd. comprises:

  • truck assembly shop 1 (9500 sq.m);
  • truck assembly shop 2 (12096 sq.m) put into operation in 2011;
  • cab welding area;
  • painting complex with cataphoresis priming line;
  • superstructure manufacture and installation area.

The production cycle at IVECO- Ltd. is based on the sequential workpost assembly of the truck.

The trucks manufacture begins with the frame. Depending on truck design the frame length may be extended up to 12 000 mm; in this case the wheel base amounts to 4900 mm while «Iveco» trucks manufactured in Europe have the wheel base of 3500 mm. IVECO-AMT Ltd. does not introduce modifications in the power line and transmission.


The cabs are manufactured in the companys welding shop. All necessary components for cab manufacture are delivered to Miass from «Iveco» factory located in Brescia, Italy. After welding the cabs undergo anticorrosion treatment by cataphoresis priming. The customer may choose any color of the cab. If there is no colour preference, the cab is painted red, the companys color.

Since 2010 IVECO- Ltd. has been manufacturing Restyling cabs.


«IVECO-» Ltd. manufactures both the truck chassis and superstructures. In 2006 the superstructures area manufacture of tipping platforms - began to operate at the company. Nowadays «IVECO-» manufactures tipping platforms: rectangular-type (of 15 m3 capacity) and bucket-type (12,8 m3 or 15 m3) as well as tipping platforms under the license of «Cantoni» company (Italy).

At present the production volume is 50-60 bodies per month. After welding every body is shotblasted.

Since 2009 the manufacture of assortment timber platforms for assortment timber transportation as well as platforms for container transportation has been organized at the company.


Production program includes «IVECO TRAKKER» trucks 66 (single and dual tires), 64 and 86 (with self-steering axle) equipped with diesel engines «CURSOR-13» of 420 h.p. (EURO-3) or 410 and 450 h.p. capacity (EURO-5). Since 2011 the manufacture of «IVECO- STRALIS» 4x2 linehaul trucks has been developed.

All trucks manufactured by the JV «IVECO-» are adapted for operation in heavy road and climatic conditions. The design of «IVECO-AMT» trucks provides for: additional protection of engine and transmission elements, reinforced springs, towing devices, set of arctic execution options (up to -450 C). Standard truck configuration comprises ABS, electronic braking power limiter EBL, antiskid system ASR.

At present «IVECO-» Ltd. manufactures as follows:

  • tippers;
  • tractors;
  • timber trucks for full-length log transportation;
  • assortment timber trucks for assortment timber transportation;
  • pipe trucks;
  • container trucks;
  • trucks for explosive materials transportation;
  • fire-fighting trucks including the trucks manufactured together with Iveco Magirus company (Germany);
  • chassis for special-purpose equipment installation (installed length of the frame being 55109650mm).

Among the main merits of «IVECO-» is the ability to manufacture absolutely unique vehicles. IVECO-AMT TRAKKER chassis is an excellent base for mounting different technological equipment. In the course of manufacture the chassis design is optimized considering the special features of superstructure, operating conditions, individual customers demands.


Quality system of «IVECO-» is proved by certificate of conformance 9001-2008.

«IVECO-AMT» trucks are designed for forced and long-term operation in heavy conditions and therefore when the trucks are designed a special attention is paid to their quality.

«IVECO-AMT» quality is assured by production process and certainly is guaranteed during all assembly operations. It is based on: 100% control of delivered components; use of up-to-date equipment and technologies, experienced and trained personnel (68% employees have higher technical education) constantly improving its qualification including the training abroad.

«Assembly and tests logbook» is set up for every truck where the observance of compliance with technical documentation and customers demands at all stages of production process is recorded. This document is kept at the company during all warranty period.

The acceptance of finished products consists of several stages: final check, compulsory road tests of the truck about 80-100 km and final inspection «through the eyes of the buyer».

«Iveco» auditors carry out regular inspections at the JV in Miass verifying observance of trucks assembly technology and they note a high quality of its products.


For customers convenience a wide network of the offices of «IVECO-AMT» regional representatives was set up from Petersburg to Khabarovsk. Service maintenance is provided in all «Iveco» service centres in Russia.

«IVECO-» Ltd. has its own spare parts warehouse which is the biggest in the Ural-Siberian region. A wide range of original spare parts for «IVECO TRAKKER» trucks (about 2500 items) is always available in stock.

«IVECO-» Ltd. is a dealer of Iveco» S.p.a.(Italy) in Russia and sells all the range of truck models: DAILY, EUROCARGO, STRALIS and their spare parts.

Basic dates

Late 80s, early 90s
Ural Automotive Factory JSC began to cooperate with IVECO.
April 18, 1992
The License Agreement was signed which granted URALAZ JSC a right to assemble heavy-duty IVECO dump trucks and manufacture their parts and units.
January 19, 1993
The first 15 URAL-IVECO 330.30 dump trucks were delivered to the oil-industry workers of Siberia. In 1993 70 more heavy-duty dump trucks were delivered to Tyumen region.
April 1994
Three founders URALAZ JSC, GAZPROM JSC and IVECO S.p.A. made a decision to set up the joint venture.
December 5, 1994
The Joint venture IVECO-AMT Ltd. was registered.
December 1994 - June 1995
The design of URAL TRAKKER truck was worked out.
Welding equipment and 725 dies were supplied from Italy.
June 1996
Starting-up and adjustment work at the cab welding area and adaptation of the die tooling were completed. The fist pilot production lot of over-engine cabs was produced.
October 30, 1996
The Addendum to the License Agreement was signed which granted the JV the right to produce the range of URAL-TRAKKER trucks.
March 1997
The first lot of URAL-IVECO 6329 was manufactured.
Early 2000
The painting line upgrading was completed with commissioning of cataphoresis priming plant and demineralized water preparation equipment.
December 2000
The production building of 9500 sq.m. in area became the JVs property.
December 2001
The first 60 Ural-IVECO 63291 tractors were exported.
Semi-trailers were brought into production.
January 2005
The manufacture of URAL-IVECO 6339 trucks (analogue of IVECO TRAKKER) equipped with CURSOR13 engine was started.
January 2006
The manufacture of the up-to-date STRALIS Active Day (AD) and Active Time (AT) cabs with berth was mastered.
April 2006
The production of rectangular-type tipping platforms was open.
June 2006
The first tipping platforms under license of CANTONI company (Italy) were manufactured.
August 2007
The first truck of 8x6 wheel arrangement with additional axle was manufactured.
Autumn 2007
Start of construction of the new production building.

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