Container truck IVECO- 633941

Container truck IVECO- 633941 is intended for 20-feet container transportation on any kind of roads.

Wheel arrangment6x6
Load space configurationContainer platform
Fuel capacity, litres300 / 500 / 640
Maximum speed, km/h85*
* - speed limiter
ModelIVECO Cursor 13 ( F3B E0681G)
TypeDiesel, four-cycle, with turbocharging
Amount of cylinders / Arrangment6 / in line
Rated capacity, kW / h.p. at torque, Nm279 / 380 (1900)309 / 420 (1900)
Torque, Nm (rpm-1)1800 (1000...1400)1900 (1000...1500)
Displacement volume, sm³12880
Ecological standardEuro - 3
Cooling systemLiquid
Brake typeFront wheels disk or drum type, mid and rear axles drum type
Drive of brake systemPneumatic, dual circuit with anti-lock braking system ABS and electronic brake force limitation EBL
TypeAll-metall, two-door, two-seater, forward-throwing
ConfigurationAD without berthAT with 1 berth
Gross vehicle weight, up to, kg3350038500
Pay load, kg2030025300
Kerb weight, up to, kg13200
   - load at front axle, kg6200
   - load at rear bogie, kg7000
GVW of trailer / semitrailer, kg46500
Maximum load
   - load at front axle, kg7500...8500
   - load at rear bogie, kg30000
Wheel arrangment6x6
Cross-axle differential lockYes
Interaxle differential lockYes
ModelZA 16S 151 ODZF 16S 221 OD
TypeMechanical, sixteen-speed, synchro-mesh
Transfer case
TypeMechanical, three-shaft, two-speed with interaxle differential lock
ModelBorg & Beck or Fichtel & Sachs, or Valeo+Borg & Beck, frictional, dry, single-disk
DriveHydraulic with pneumatic booster
FrontConventional suspension, on multi-leaf half-elliptic spring with hydraulic shock absorbers and antiroll bar
RearConventional and equalizing beam suspension, on multi-leaf half-elliptic spring at two upper and four bottom torque arms, with antiroll bar
Voltage, V24
Battery, Ah190 / 220
Type of wheelsDisk
Tire size275/70R22,5; 12.00R20; 385/65R22,5; 390/95R20; 395/85R20; 425/65R22,5; 445/65R22,5; 525/65R20,5; 14.00R20; 1300x530-533; 375/90R22,5; 18R22,5
Overall dimensions, mm8795 / 2550 / 3249
Wheelbase, mm4205 + 1390
Wheeltrack of front / rear wheels, mm1983 / 1823
ModelZF 8098/8099
TypeSteering drive with hydraulic booster

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Container truck IVECO- 633941. Overall dimensions

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