Pipe truck IVECO- 6339

Pipe truck IVECO- 6339 is intended for transportation of pipes up to 36 metres of length and diameter up to 1420mm at any kind of roads.

Load space configurationPlatform with swivel bolster
Fuel capacity, litres300 / 500 / 640
Maximum speed, km/h85*
* - speed limiter
Wheel arrangment6x6
ModelIVECO Cursor 13 ( F3B E0681)
TypeDiesel, four-cycle, with turbocharging
Amount of cylinders / Arrangment6 / in line
Rated capacity, kW / h.p. at torque, Nm279 / 380 (1900)309 / 420 (1900)
Torque, Nm (rpm-1)1800 (1000...1400)1900 (1000...1500)
Displacement volume, sm³12880
Ecological standardEuro - 3
Cooling systemLiquid
Brake typeFront wheels disk or drum type, mid and rear axles drum type
Drive of brake systemPneumatic, dual circuit with anti-lock braking system ABS and electronic brake force limitation EBL
TypeAll-metall, two-door, two-seater, forward-throwing
ConfigurationAD without berthAT with 1 berth
Gross vehicle weight, up to, kg3350038500
Pay load, kg2032025320
Kerb weight, up to, kg13180
   - load at front axle, kg6180
   - load at rear bogie, kg7000
GVW of trailer / semitrailer, kg46500
Maximum load
   - load at front axle, kg7500...8500
   - at rear bogie , kg30000
Wheel arrangment6x6
Cross-axle differential lockYes
Interaxle differential lockYes
ModelZA 16S 151 ODZF 16S 221 OD
TypeMechanical, sixteen-speed, synchro-mesh
Transfer case
TypeMechanical, three-shaft, two-speed with interaxle differential lock
TypeBorg & Beck or Fichtel & Sachs, or Valeo+Borg & Beck, frictional, dry, single-disk
DriveHydraulic with pneumatic booster
FrontConventional suspension, on multi-leaf half-elliptic spring with hydraulic shock absorbers and antiroll bar
RearConventional and equalizing beam suspension, on multi-leaf half-elliptic spring at two upper and four bottom torque arms, with antiroll bar
Voltage, V24
Battery, Ah190 / 220
Type of wheelsDisk
Tire size275/70R22,5; 12.00R20; 385/65R22,5; 390/95R20; 395/85R20; 425/65R22,5; 445/65R22,5; 525/65R20,5; 14.00R20; 1300x530-533; 375/90R22,5; 18R22,5
Length / Width / Height, mm7800 / 2740 / 4000
Wheelbase, mm3500 + 1390
Wheeltrack of front / rear wheels, mm2040 / 1827
ModelZF 8098/8099
TypeSteering drive with hydraulic booster

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Pipe truck IVECO- 6339. Overall dimensions

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